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Drawing over 30 years of experience, Applied Innovation, Inc. has become one of the premier technology companies in the Accounts Receivables Management industry.  Over 10 years of feedback and collaboration have gone into the technology offered by Applied Innovation, Inc.  Our flagship product has become an industry staple and can be found in any successful 3rd party collection model.  As the collection industry constantly changes, partnering with a company who understands what you face and evolves to provide you with cutting edge technology is an important step to staying ahead of the curve.

We value our business relationships and take pride in the longevity of our technology and its importance to your business.
We are partnered with many collection software vendors.  Chances are that we do or can work with your software company.  This allows you to provide the most sophisticated collection model to your clients.
Many of the leading industry payment processors have partnered with Applied Innovation, Inc. so that you will have a high level of automation with every payment that you accept.

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  Our Message

Proudly serving the financial sector for over 10 years, Applied Innovation, Inc. was founded and developed by collectors for collectors.  That mantra has held true throughout the years as feedback from each of our clients and real world experiences have developed our flagship and succeeding products into solutions that answer some of your most pressing Accounts Receivables needs.

 Our Commitment

As an Applied Innovation, Inc. customer you will receive ongoing one-on-one support and training from a dedicated team.   You will have access to key industry software and payment integrations, automatic software upgrades,  and updates to our hosted software, all at no additional cost to you.  We are known for and take pride in the level of technical support offered.

  Our Knowledge

Contact us to learn what many other industry leaders are already using to drive sales, enhance client relationships, reduce the cost to collect, and ease IT overhead expense.  With over 50 years of Accounts Receivables experience among our staff, we will do our best to understand your company’s unique needs and find a solution that will make a perfect fit.

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