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Features & Benefits

  • Save Server Space & Eliminate File Cabinets
  • Reduce Hours Of Time Spent Shuffling Papers
  • Search For Files Based On Content
  • Automatically File Reports Based On Text
  • Secure Storage & Access Through A Web Browser

Papyrus is a comprehensive document management system, designed to help reduce the time spent shuffling files, printing copies, filing documents, and retrieving and delivering reports.  Papyrus provides easy access to required documents by linking document types to a certain ‘file folder’ or file type, helping streamline your business process and automate work flow.  Professionals will spend 50% of their time looking for files, but only 5 to15% actually reading the information. You can drastically reduce the time spent looking for files with Papyrus.  You will always have record of who is looking at your debtor files, end of month reports, or any of the other sensitive records with Papyrus.

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Document List With Filters & Search Options

Trap Fields & Data Based On Content Of Text File
Use Examples Of Standard Reports To Create Automated Processing Of Files
Papyrus has been designed to reduce the amount of time spent processing month end reports.  There are two different ways this happens. One is by automating the processing of statements by merging them with a custom .pdf layout.  This allows you to automatically create clean looking individual statement files.  The second way is by converting text reports, such as Commission Reports, Paid & Unworkable Reports, Productivity Reports, etc. into searchable .pdf files.
Your documents can only be accessed by those who you have set up with permission to access.  This can be done from anywhere with a web browser through our SSL.  You can however apply IP Address restrictions, to control where your employees or clients are able to access the documents from.
With pure electronic document storage there is no need to print any records in your office.  Any file that originates electronically can be printed to a file and stored in Papyrus.  Even when a document must be delivered interoffice or to clients, it can done the secure Papyrus interface.
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