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Applied Innovation, Inc. was founded on the principal of ‘Collection solutions developed by collectors, for collectors’. After a decade that mantra still holds true to our methodology. We work with collection agencies, collection agency owners, and collection agency managers to provide, support, and enhance industry technology. We are avid participants at industry meetings and conventions, keeping up to date on the most relevant topics regarding your business. It has been said that ‘your business is our business’, and at Applied Innovation, Inc. we want to help boost your bottom line by providing solutions that will lower your cost to collect, enhance client retention, increase actual collections, and streamline much of your daily non-collection workflow.

“We have worked with Applied Innovation for the last 6 years and purchased a collection agency that has been doing business with Applied Innovation since 2004. Needless to say, they provide knowledgable solutions for the industry and the technical support to back it. We are a full service debt collection agency. Data security is of the highest concern. Applied Innovation uses multi-level security standards that meet our standards. I trust and highly recommend Applied Innovation’s products and service. A.I. performs at the speed of business!”
Bill Hopkinson, President/CEO CBC, Inc./VCS, Inc.

With ClientAccessWeb you can focus on collecting, reducing clients phone calls, emails, report requests, etc. ClientAccessWeb has been designed to provide your agency with a data access solution, crafted as a web portal that is extremely user friendly. With feature-rich reporting tools ClientAccessWeb will quickly become a valued marketing ingredient for your sales team, client relations staff, and IT department.



PayStream is designed to allow your consumers to pay their bills online while reducing your overhead expense. As a ‘Virtual Collector’, PayStream will actually verify a consumer’s identity and negotiate for appropriate repayment of debts according to defined business rules. Security, integration, & automation are all key factors in making PayStream your highest performing collector with the lowest commission fees.



Papyrus is a first class document management system, providing multilevel access designed to remove the headache and manual process of handling and delivering any type of file. You can automate the flow of paperwork in your office by giving administrative access to index and retrieve documents at a moments notice; client access to reports, statements, invoices; and consumer access to letters, validation, and any other relevant documentation.


Globally Integrated

The Applied Innovation, Inc. solutions are globally integrated with one another. This means that whether you use just one of our products, the whole suite, or are using our software ala cart, you and your staff only have to learn one system. A streamlined administrative panel is a one stop shop to ClientAccessWeb, PayStream, Papyrus, and soon even Conduit management.


  • Easy To Use Administrative & End User Interface
  • Find Users & Communicate With Consumers, Clients, or Staff
  • Secure Administrative Messaging Panel Across All Products

Technical Support

Technical Support is available to all customers on as ‘as needed’ basis during normal business hours, at no extra charge. The unlimited support package is included in Applied Innovation, Inc’s pricing by initiating contact through our website, by email, or by phone call. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help with your technical problems.


  • Unlimited Technical Support During Support Hours
  • A.I. University Provides Free Quarterly Training Sessions For Your Staff
  • Website, Email, & Phone Support Options

Software Upgrades & Enhancements

Applied Innovation, Inc. strives to provide the most up to date technology for the collection industry. This effort leads us to enhance our current slate of products on a semi yearly basis and enhancements come from the feedback of our current and prospective users. ALL of these upgrades are provided to current customers at NO cost. Most upgrades are published and update automatically with no user intervention required. This allows all of our current customers to instantly have access to the latest and greatest functionality, designed for their business.


  • Free & Automatic Software Updates
  • Your Feedback May Make The Enhancement List
  • Always Have The Most Up To Date Industry Technology

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