Small, medium or large scale installations designed to grow with your business
Improving efficiencies to increase profits
Updating technology to satisfy your needs

Who We Are

Utilizing over 50 years’ experience in the collections industry and over 75 in technology, Applied Innovation is helping to shape the future of accounts receivable management. Product development is driven by customer feedback, agency profitability and compliance. Partner with a company who understands your business and evolves to provide cutting edge technology.

Your Business is Our Business

Your growth and success is key to ours. We understand the importance of providing top of class solutions and support.

Software Integration

Our customers use the major collection software platforms on the market. Our solutions design allows for easy integration with any platform with export file capabilities.

Payment Integration

Partnering with the leading payment processors in our industry and integrated with multiple gateways, Applied Innovation can help you collect faster.

Evolutionary Product Development

Applied Innovation focuses on product improvement and development. Agile software development allows our team to offer a rapid and flexible response to change. This time-boxed development method allows us to be nimble to the ever-changing compliance requirements our industry faces and customer requested enhancements.

Software Support & Enhancements

Applied Innovation pushes out between 6-10 enhancements every year at no additional cost. Delivered automatically, most updates do not require any customer engagement, allowing our customers to have instant access to our newest features and process improvements.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is here to help you with any questions and training. We have experienced, knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions and get you back to what you do best, collections.

  • “We have worked with Applied Innovation for the last 6 years and purchased a collection agency that has been doing business with Applied Innovation since 2004. Needless to say, they provide knowledgable solutions for the industry and the technical support to back it. We are a full service debt collection agency. Data security is of the highest concern. Applied Innovation uses multi-level security standards that meet our standards. I trust and highly recommend Applied Innovation’s products and service. A.I. performs at the speed of business!”

    Bill Hopkinson President/CEO CBS, Inc./VCS, Inc.
  • “As a smaller sized agency, has been a valuable and affordable tool to stay connected to our clients. It’s generates positive feedback and trust with our clients.”

    Christie Porter SCB Associates, Inc.
  • “Caine & Weiner has shared an extremely successful business partnership with Client Access Web for over 5 years. Their secure and dynamic online interface creates tremendous value and ease of use for our clientele. Their product has always been easily customizable to meet our client-specific requirements and its data mining capabilities are truly state-of-the-art. Al Rookard and his team have always been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to continuing our relationship with their organization.”

    Steve Simon, Caine & Weiner
  • “Applied Innovation has a user friendly product. Consumer access is seamless and secure. The initial setup was simple and the implementation process was smooth. The ability to make adjustments or changes on the fly as business needs and compliance issues change is very effective and appreciated. I think the recurring payment email notifications is very valuable to reducing cost. The increase in online payments was gradual, but since moving to Applied Innovation from our “blind payment” website, we have increased our consumer web payments by 700%.”

    Courtney Reynaud President, Creditors Bureau USA

Solutions for your Success


Our flagship product, ClientAccessWeb is a workhorse. Robust reporting capabilities will save you time and money. ClientAccessWeb has become the first choice in client access for agencies desiring control over what information clients can see, configurable by client….


Papyrus is a comprehensive document management system, designed to help reduce the time spent shuffling files, printing copies, filing documents, retrieving and delivering reports. Working in concert with ClientAccessWeb, have statements delivered right to your clients account…


The most versatile virtual collection tool on the market, PayStream allows for PIF, SIF, partial and recurring payment plans. Agency defined business rules set the stage so our virtual collector can set up repayment arrangements at a fraction of the cost of a live collector…


Step up the pace of collections with our E-Signature solution. GreenLight allows your collectors to get payment authorizations while the consumer is on the phone. Sent via SMS text message or email, consumers can instantly approve an agreed upon repay…