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ClientAccessWeb, Applied Innovation’s flagship software solution gives your agency the tools to control time and expenses. Streamline your business by automating workflow between agency and clients. Hosted in our private cloud, communicate with your clients via secure messaging, receive new account placements with customizable templates or bulk upload. Provide your clients with interactive account inquiry screens and on-demand reporting tools. Allow your clients to manage themselves.


Allow clients to meet their own demands.
Default and custom reporting options available. Create custom reports specific to your clients’ needs that they can run on-demand. Data rich reports can be converted to statistical reporting instantly. Drill down on a statistic to access that specific data. Reporting is fast and flexible, easier and faster than pulling data from your collection software. Whatever your client requirements, you or they can create and save a report for later use. Save your time. Save your clients time.

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Increase sales and client satisfaction by implementing ClientAccessWeb.

  • “We have worked with Applied Innovation for the last 6 years and purchased a collection agency that has been doing business with Applied Innovation since 2004. Needless to say, they provide knowledgable solutions for the industry and the technical support to back it. We are a full service debt collection agency. Data security is of the highest concern. Applied Innovation uses multi-level security standards that meet our standards. I trust and highly recommend Applied Innovation’s products and service. A.I. performs at the speed of business!”

    Bill Hopkinson President/CEO CBS, Inc./VCS, Inc.
  • “As a smaller sized agency, has been a valuable and affordable tool to stay connected to our clients. It’s generates positive feedback and trust with our clients.”

    Christie Porter SCB Associates, Inc.
  • “Caine & Weiner has shared an extremely successful business partnership with Client Access Web for over 5 years. Their secure and dynamic online interface creates tremendous value and ease of use for our clientele. Their product has always been easily customizable to meet our client-specific requirements and its data mining capabilities are truly state-of-the-art. Al Rookard and his team have always been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to continuing our relationship with their organization.”

    Steve Simon, Caine & Weiner
  • “Applied Innovation has a user friendly product. Consumer access is seamless and secure. The initial setup was simple and the implementation process was smooth. The ability to make adjustments or changes on the fly as business needs and compliance issues change is very effective and appreciated. I think the recurring payment email notifications is very valuable to reducing cost. The increase in online payments was gradual, but since moving to Applied Innovation from our “blind payment” website, we have increased our consumer web payments by 700%.”

    Courtney Reynaud President, Creditors Bureau USA



Interactive Account Inquiry


Robust Custom Reporting


Receive New Placements Securely


Compliant Client Communications


Client Online Activity Reports


Increased Sales and Client Retention

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