Do you integrate with our software?

Applied Innovation’s solutions can work with any collection software or database that can create an export file.  Click here for a list of software we are currently working with.

How secure is our data?

Applied Innovation takes every precaution to ensure your data is secure. We support up to 256-bit encryption and employ encryption at rest, this means your data is encrypted at all times except when viewed on your screen. We hold a PCI DSS v3.2 certification at Level 1 standards. Our facility is secured with biometric fingerprinting technology for entrance to offices and server rooms. We have gone through an SSAE 16 SOC type II audit

Is PayStream compliant with industry standards?

Yes, every effort is made to ensure your portals are compliant with PCI, Regulation E, NACHA, HIPPA and FDCPA.

Do you offer payment processing?

No, we work various processors and gateways.

What payment processors do you work with?

PayStream can be set up to work with most every processor. We are currently working with the following processors:
EFT Network
Payment Savvy

Don’t see your processor on the list?

Many processors work with gateways we have integrated with, so give us a call and we will research this for you.

What gateways do you work with?

Current integrations:
IP Payments (UK, Australia & New Zealand)
Modern Payments (DH)
USA ePay

 Not finding the answers you were looking for? Get in touch with our team.