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The most versatile virtual collection tool on the market, PayStream allows for PIF, SIF, partial and recurring payment plans. Agency defined business rules set the stage so our virtual collector can set up repayment arrangements at a fraction of the cost of a live collector. PayStream will walk your consumers through the collection process just as your live collectors do, without compliance missteps. Designed to get the highest possible payment while reducing print, mail and employee expenses. Collector initiated plans further reduce the cost to collect. PayStream has revolutionized the way that collection agencies are getting paid.


Compliance is key in collections. Ensure FDCPA and NACHA compliance with automated payment notifications. Payment authorizations comply with NACHA, Regulation E and the E-Signature Act. Agency defined text throughout the site. Reduce human error and compliance missteps.

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Start collecting more, faster while reducing costs and compliance risk

  • “Applied Innovation has a user friendly product. Consumer access is seamless and secure. The initial setup was simple and the implementation process was smooth. The ability to make adjustments or changes on the fly as business needs and compliance issues change is very effective and appreciated. I think the recurring payment email notifications is very valuable to reducing cost. The increase in online payments was gradual, but since moving to Applied Innovation from our “blind payment” website, we have increased our consumer web payments by 700%.”

    Courtney Reynaud President, Creditors Bureau USA



Secure Messaging


Recurring Payment Notifications for All Funding Types


Tailored Payment Negotiation by Client/Balance/Status


Reduce Chargebacks


Reduce Print and Postage Expenses


Manage Your Compliance Risk

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